Playful and poetic installation,

You are Here… Somewhere Else is a monumental device urban interactive maps, a journey that begins under your feet, in your neighborhood, and takes you into the stars. Come to the game of video projected lights, symbols, details and videos where space moves in a fun and interactive human mapping. In walking, the city, and soon the world is at your feet. Residents, passers­by, visitors discover the unexpected and symbolic plural apprehensions of the city and the neighborhood. It deals with relationship with the landscape through areas of vertical and horizontal projections. Imagine drawing a map ground, facing a screen that reacts to your movements in real time as you explore the corners of the map. With an audio­spatial system, walkers, players give rise to urprising animations projected in front of them: tables, pictograms, testimonies and stories from people, maps, etc. From one table to another, discover many ways to approach territory, light…and play! The contents of these tables are created through a process of exchange, shared thoughts, creative and artistic workshops, in a kind of territorial infusion conducted with residents.